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Study Text – Written by experienced tutors who know what works for students and how to deliver it. Offering full syllabus coverage and reviewed by ACCA's examining team.

Exam Kit
– A wealth of real past exam questions, our ACCA exam kits also feature practical advice on exam tecqnique, enhanced answers and tutorial notes.

Pocket Notes – Our Pocket Notes helpfully summarise the core syllabus in a friendly style.
Study Text  The only official CIMA study text. Be confident for the exam as no other learning materials are reviewed and endorsed by CIMA.

Exam Kit – Fully updated for the 2015 new syllabus featuring a mix of objective test and scenario based questions.

Revision cards – Packing a powerful punch, these highly visual cards are the only revision aid endorsed by CIMA. Summarising the syllabus in bite-sized chunks, these have been designed to benefit all student learning styles.



Text/Workbook  Whether teaching in a classroom, or to a student via distance learning, our AAT text/workbooks have been carefully designed to make the learning experience as easy as possible.

Revision Kit  Perfect for when you need more questions to ensure the understanding is secure. With questions arranged by subject, you can quickly address any weakness.

Pocket Notes  The key areas of the syllabus summarised for people on the go. A great tool, designed to assist revision.
Study texts and revision kits
We are the approved publisher for the ICB qualification. Our study texts and revision kits are illustrated with practical questions and clearly worked solutions fully summarise the core syllabus in a friendly style .

ICB Materials4

Student Guides


This stand-alone series of books supplement our professional qualification material, focussing on areas students traditionally find difficult, whilst providing a solid introduction to key business knowledge any professional should know. 

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Takes the classroom online and offers additional free resources for anybody purchasing a Kaplan study text or revision kit. Lecturers can take advantage of this invaluable tool in their own classroom and benefit from further testing on key subject areas.

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